Rules of Selfie-ing

 Let’s be honest despite this being the 21st century most of us still don’t know how to take a proper selfie. Nothing to worry about though, we got you covered with some of the essential points to consider when you want to take that “perfect selfie”. 

1) Lighting is Key – 

It is vital you pay attention to your lighting. Natural lighting is the most obvious option when lighting is considered, there’s nothing better than the raw sunlight kissing your skin with its magical glow. 

2) Avoid Shadows – 

Having a huge shadow cast over your face will definitely spoil your photo. Therefore it’s better advised to shoot during the golden hour when the light is the most soft and beautiful. 

3) A Good Smile Is Necessary – 

A real smile never looks bad, rather is considered under the most beautiful type of photography. Natural smile automatically gives an aesthetic merit to the photo. 

4) Embrace your expressions – 

Let your confidence take over when you start your shoot. That will give that “oomph” factor to your photo. Forget that you need a good photo and just relax and enjoy the moment. 

5) Try different angles – 

Keep your chin down and the camera up, take several celebrities up for references if you don’t know what we mean. While taking a selfie hold the phone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes. 

Keep these points in mind and you’ll be fine. 

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